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Many parties have gone before you!

As a member of Benefits of Nature you join a network of progressive parties in the horticultural sector. Together with all the members we are making the world a little greener. Anyone who wants to develop in the area of sustainability, collaboration and innovation is welcome.

You can connect as a Founding Father or Proud Member.



Proud Member event 2016

Founding Father event 2016

Proud Member

As a Proud Member you access to our network, we can calculate your footprint and we can help you with your startup sustainability plans.

Because we want to be for everyone, we use low annual rates based on revenues:

Revenue Year Fee (excl. VAT)
Less than €1.000.000 €250
Between €1.000.000 en €3.000.000 €500
More than €3.000.000 €1000

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Founding Father

As a Founding Father you have the same rights as a Proud Member but A Founding Father can also contribute to the development of the activities of the foundation. For example, standards that can be used in the sector are jointly decided with the Founding Fathers.

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Benefits of Nature is there for the entire horticultural industry. Anyone who wants to can join us in a sustainable world and a healthy industry.