Benefits of Nature

Benefits of Nature wants to supply consumers with beautiful, healthy, fair and sustainable plants. We do this by stimulating sustainability in the floricultural sector. For instance by calculating the environmental impact of growers and suppliers, and by testing new sustainable substrates. We can't do this alone. It takes a great effort from the entire sector.

Sustainable supply chain

Benefits of Nature is continuously working on:

  • An involved network with entrepreneurs, together with whom we build a sustainable and transparent horticultural sector.
  • More ecological sustainability in horticulture. Measuring of sustainabilty, increasing chain transparency and facilitating sustainablt R&D-projects.
  • Better margins in the supply chain; for instance by facilitating co-creation projects and by supporting the establishment of sustainable supply chains.
  • Higher revenues from flowers and plant, by being actively involved with the creation of new business models and by always showing consumers the health benefits of plants.
  • Strengthening the social dialogue between consumer and producer. Demand driven production based on targeted consumer information. 


We see three steps in increasing sustainability:

introduction video


Increasing sustainability efficiently starts with measing: how sustainable is the company? Measurements give insight in where improvements can be made as quickly, easily and cheaply as possible.


How then can sustainability be improved? It can be as simple as switching to sustainable energy or by replacing one substance for the other. This we know by measuring first! 


Large steps in sustainability can be made by working together in the supplay chain to develop new products and systems. Togethers we can increase sustainabilty and increase margins! 



Benefits of Nature wants to make the living environment of millions of people more beautiful, healthier and more attractive. Together we stand for beautiful, healthy, fair and sustainable plants, so anyone is able to bring green life into his surroundings.

We do this by continuously improving connections between stakeholders, making sustainability transparent and by sharing stories with experience.

Our vision

Plants are indispensible for a lively and nice living environment. Consumers enjoy the “benefits of nature”.

In our view the supply chain should know the wants and needs of the consumer. Only then can we offer the right products and services. Each links in the supply chain adds value to the complete chain and is rewarded proportionately. This way, the horticultural sector maintains its strong position on the world market.