Pro Manager Mastercourse Floriculture

The Pro Manager Mastercourse is THE most distinguished floricultural course ever organised in The Netherlands. This career changing opportunity might be yours, free of charge. Embark now on this unprecedented 2-week journey!

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Leading horticultural players Koppert Biological Systems, Ridder and Rabobank strongly support this initiative as well as Beekenkamp Ornamentals, Wageningen University, Mprise, Imagro, Van der Valk Systems, Klasmann – Deilmann and Benefits of Nature. You will also visit leading floricultural companies and meet with their directors.
All you need to do is fill out the questionnaire (interactive pdf). By the end of August – early September, we will inform you about the outcome. It is our wish to select a group that will represent the world of floriculture, both on a geographical level as well as on a product level. 
For additional questions, please contact Jacco Strating in The Netherlands (World Horti Centre, 0031-683448374) or Ed Smit in Costa Rica (00506-88418125).
We hope to see you by the end of October in The Netherlands!