Nieuwkoop Europe joins as Founding Father!

We proudly welcome Nieuwkoop Europe in the network of Benefits of Nature. In 2008 Nieuwkoop Europe B.V. took steps towards achieving sustainable business operations. Their mission in this respect is to guarantee their environmental performance and reduce their environmental impact. Read more about Nieuwkoop Europe below:

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Nieuwkoop Europe B.V. has been a leading trade name in the field of hydroculture, pot plants and exclusive hardware for decades. Their products find their way to mostly business end-users through project planters, exporters, garden centers and florists in more than 40 countries in 3 continents.

The pay-off, The Green Lifestyle®, says it all. Nieuwkoop Europe B.V. aims at playing a market-leading role as a supplier for the green indoor project market by means of innovation and creativity.

Nieuwkoop Europe BV has a broad market-oriented range of hydroponic plants and potted plants. The focus is not just on the width and depth of the assortment, but also on availability.

The 'Hardware' main group is divided into four item groups: 'Planters', 'Decoration', 'Equipment and Materials' and 'Silk Plants'. To develop these item groups further, they put themselves in the place of their customers and end-users

In addition to this they offer high-quality service and support in the field of professional interior planting, where necessary. Whether it comes to solving complex logistics issues or helping in the formation of planting plans, Nieuwkoop Europe BV feels only limited by their own creativity and that of its customers.

For more information, please visit the Nieuwkoop Europe BV website.