Let us introduce to you our newest Proud Member: NSure

Since more than 10 years NSure offers the agricultural sector decision support, based on gene activity measurements.

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NSure is a privately held company, originally a spin-off from Wageningen University, and is active worldwide.

Long before changing plant performance becomes visible, alterations on the level of gene activity can be quantified. Information obtained from changing gene activity appears to be supportive for decision making. Information that relates to the exact developmental stage or physiological condition the plant is in. Information about when to apply certain agents to achieve optimum benefit. NSure develops tests and offers contract research. Our technology is applicable to all crops and for a wide variety of issues.

Taking evidence based decisions makes agriculture more precise and thereby production more sustainable. NSure is eager to start the discussion with members of Benefits of Nature to find out when and where gene activity measurements can be beneficial.

Visit our website www.nsure.eu and contact us for more information.