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Benefits of Nature wants the living environment of millions of people better, healthier and more attractive. We are therefore involved in several charity plans would.

Read more about what activities we currently support below.

Travel for impact is an organization that bundled forces with the tourism industry to make a difference in the lives of women and children in Botswana. They do this by working with travel partners that at least donate 1 USD for each trip to Botswana. Benefits of Nature supports this organization. Travel for impact helps among other, the basket makers in Botswana. These women weave baskets, bracelets and pots. The members of Benefits of Nature do their part by for example, buying pots and sell their plants in it.

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Work with Nature Foundation conserves a very special rain forest in Costa Rica, the country that has the richest biodiversity in the world. Although the country has many national parks and a government with a very positive attitude to nature conservancy, large areas of beautiful rain forest are disappearing rapidly. At this moment logging and the creation of banana plantations are the main threat to the existing rain forest, but pineapple and oil palm plantations are also becoming a big threat.

Conservation of the rain forest in the foundations project area is guaranteed because plots of rain forest are purchased from local owners and therefore become property of the foundation. In the protected area research is facilitated, so biologists and students from all over the world can work on exploring the many secrets that the rain forest still holds. The local people are offered jobs in the project with the aim to teach them about the importance of conserving the rain forest. Areas that have been logged in the past are reforested together with the local people and international volunteers. 

Work with Nature Foundation aims at conserving an area of at least 2000 hectares of interconnected rain forest, which provides enough space for one male and several female jaguars to live. Benefits of Nature supports Work with Nature Foundation in different ways. That is why we search for collaboration within our network. Would you like to adopt a piece of rainforest with your business or privately? Please visit the website











Ferander Bamboo Bikes is an initiative by Jaap Bijl and Ferdinand ten Kate. During a sponsored bike ride, the Africa-lovers saw a lot of young people with many problems due to huge underemployment. This had a big impact on Jack and Ferdinand and they decided to do something about it. Back in the Netherlands they immediately started to work on this problem. They struggled with all kinds of reports and studies around this until, one day, they saw a video of Ghana Bamboo Bikes. The combination of African craftsmanship with a traditional Dutch bike made their hearts beat faster. The concept is simple: a fair and sustainable bike where the money does not disappear into the pockets of the founders, but where everyone gets a fair wage and 50% of the profits will benefit different employment projects in Africa.From March 2017 you can buy a trendy bamboo town bike in the Netherlands!

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After seeing a broadcast of the television program Knevel & V.d. Brink (Dutch television) In which the Antoni van Leeuwenhoek Hospital was a guest, Ronald Moerings was interested and immediately made an appointment with the Antoni van Leeuwenhoek foundation. On his initiative, he started to contribute the cancer research institute with a few entrepreneurs in 2014 Ronald intended to make the club bigger every year. Would you like to know more about the foundation or make a donation? Call or email with Sonja Kempenaars, Tel. +31(0)165-318500, .







The foundation was established to help mothers of children with a constraint on their way to financial independence. Families with a child with a disability have a high need for healthcare. This care is often unreachable for them because parents are not insured and do not have any money for physiotherapy and tools such as a wheelchair etc. 2Mothers wants to do something by helping them to work at home, which also entitles them to health insurance. In Bangladesh, 2Mothers works with CJWBD, Corr de Jute Works Bangladesh; ( This is a big fair-trade organization in Bangladesh where many mothers are already working. They manufacture jute products and utilities. In collaboration with 2Mothers, CJWBD helps and instruct mothers whose children have a restriction. The mothers make different products like; carpets, pads and baskets. 2Mothers then takes care of international sales. The money from the sale of these products then returns to the families in Bangladesh because this money flows back to the Thom Foundation. A foundation that has been supporting projects for children with disabilities worldwide for over 10 years, including Bangladesh. (See

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