Save energy with our newest member: Smappee

We proudly welcome Smappee as our newest member. Just like Benefits of Nature, Smappee is increasing sustainability by providing insights. Smappee gives real-time insights in the energy consumption of your company, up to group level or even device level.

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In many footprint calculations the result is that energy usage has the highest influence on environmental impact. However, many companies do not have a clear view of when and where this energy is being used. Smappee has a solution for this problem: their energy monitor can be installed quickly and easily at the power meters using handy "clip-on" sensors. After that, the information is automatically sent to your own on-line dashboard on your computer or on the mobile app. This gives real-time insights in your consumption and gives you the tools to adjust or see the effect of an adjustment.

With Smappee, we think that we can give our members an even better grip in lowering the footprint of their production process. Smappee can be ordered through Benefits of Nature as of now. For more information, please visit the Smappee website or contact us.